A downloadable SerumRun for Windows

The evil Dr. Wilberstein became the first scientist to successfully create a drug that can increase the intelligence of human beings and animals. Since that day, he designs puzzles to assess the intelligence of his experiment rats.

However, rumor has spread that, in spite of their superior intelligence, the rats in Dr. Wilberstein's lab are far from happy... Indeed, although his lab rats are amazingly intelligent, their population has been decreasing drastically over the past weeks. This is because there is only one golden rule in Dr. Wilberstein's lab. If you do complete his puzzles, you're save. But if you fail, you will starve to death.

You are one of Dr. Wilberstein's lab rats. Each day, you have to earn your food by completing his twisted puzzles. But maybe, in the middle of this seemingly endless despair, you will find some kind of salvation...

Each level is basically a maze where you have to find your way to the cheese at the end of level. To to that, you need to find all the blocks and push them onto some red buttons. This will unlock the gates that will grant you access to the cheese. Also, beware of the ice, because once you step on it, you can't stop sliding.


Serum Run.7z 77 MB

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